In 2020 Jaunrades laboratorija collaborated on the Baltic level in the sphere of applied anthropology by participating in the project „Social Science in Social Action!“ funded by Nordplus.

Four organizations: "Anthropos" Applied Anthropology Association (LT), “Jaunrades laboratorija” (LV), Estonian Anthropology Association (EE) and Tartu Nefa Group (EE) during the networking and good practices meeting together designed a framework for engaging social sciences and humanities students and graduates, local communities, private sector in cross-sectoral social action initiatives. The result of the project involved workshops about social action organized in every participating country for social sciences and humanities students and graduates, academic staff and other interested parties. The project was also supported by Vytautas Magnus University, Tartu university and Applied Anthropology Center in Estonia.


Project results

We offer for free (to see the results - click here!) our insights into our findings from qualitative surveys, social science student remarks and workshops, which happened until the 10th of October, 2020. The report on the website is available in Latvian, to get it in English, please, write to us at! 

Main insights:

How to carry out sustainable cross-sector social collaboration?

What hinders successful completion of an idea?

What supports successful completion of an idea?

How to keep going so the idea has a sustainable future?